For Palazzo Tommasi Clients

You can combine your stay in Palazzo Tommasi with a personal Beauty and Body and Balance program.
After your arrival Inge will help you create your personal program of treatments.
She takes into consideration your skin condition and all aspects of your personal well being.
We guarantee a truly unforgettable experience.

Take a look at our testimonials underneath.



Natural Face Lifting
Natural Face Lifting is a manual technique to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and décolleté using combination of deep tissue massage and lymph drainage.

Deep tissue massage gives a wake up call to the whole metabolism, stimulates collagen production and strengthens the base tone of the facial muscles and skin.

Lymph drainage stimulates your immune system, providing a relaxed and balanced complexion. In addition it works to calm sensitive and problematic skin types.

Tone Booster
Specific to toning up skin and muscle tissue.

Collagen Booster
Concentrates on treating wrinkles.

The Tone & Collagen Booster techniques are woven into each cure all depending on the right treatment for you.

A Self-Treatment, which Inge provides with a series of exercises custom made for you. Treatment cards included.

Inge works only with 100% natural, innovative and local products of the most high quality.

Body & Balance

Natural Beauty Yoga
Where the energy of Body & Mind meet Beauty.
Natural Beauty Yoga concentrates on opening the meridians in different Assa’s (positions) and movements opening these energy highways creates better results over all.
Also Prana Yama (breathing techniques) and Meditation are done in the sessions.

On cold rainy days we stay cosy and warm in the Palazzo’s galleria.

On beautiful sunny days we look to what the beautiful Tuscan countryside will provide for our exercises



" Inge introduced me to a new and revitalising massage method. Immediatly after this treatment I felt that a light redness crossed my face and a few minutes later a feeling of lightness and freshness appeared. My skin has regained vitality and light and I highly recommend it to all the people who wants to give a moment of pleasant sensations to their skin and regain a bit of youth, freshness and tone to the face, which is always a pleasure, especially for women! A heartfelt thanks to Inge! "

Cinzia, 46 years old,Milano,Italy

"After 15 Anti-Aging treatments with Inge I have noticed that my skin feels like satin and that the lines around my eyes and mouth have definitely diminished. More importantly this is being noticed by others. My husband, who has always thought I looked 'perfect' now says...this treatment really look younger...friends that I haven't seen for awhile look are glowing... I know they can't quite understand the difference but they are noticing it. And all of this without plastic surgery which I would never consider given the risks of both surgery as well as the potential of looking worse than before. I am very happy with the results! I have had chronic sinus problems for several years and did not expect that Inge's 15 Anti-Aging Treatments would cure me of them! After treatment I noticed that I was able to easily breathe through my nose without the prescribed nasal spray I have been taking. Thank you Inge! Now I have a new face plus I can breathe again! "

Cindy, 68 years old, Seattle, USA 






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