For Estheticians

Inge organizes trainings for Estheticians in Cortona, Palazzo Tommasi and on several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

As a professional beauty esthetician you can participate in Inge’s course to become an expert in the following techniques.
Her website dedicated to estheticians is It includes the calendar and prices and offers the opportunity to subscribe for a training session(s).

Natural Face Lifting & Sculp

4-day course
Natural Face Lifting is a combination of deep tissue massage and lymph drainage. The intensive techniques stimulates the natural collagen that you produce and strengthens the elasticity of the skin.

After one treatment you will see the results of waking up your skin as well as your nevrous and blood system.

Lymph drainage removes fluids thereby detoxing your skin and subsequently strengthening your immune system.

Sculp is a Self-Treatment. You teach your client how to work at home with your products to keep the result of a Natural Face Lifting treatment longer and to stimulate your client to better use their skin products.

Tone Booster & Collagen Booster

2-day course
Tone Booster is a intensive technique which works on your facial muscles. This treatment gives a higher tone to them, what helps to lift your skin. You see immediate results in the contour of your face.

Collagen Booster is an intensive technique concentrated on the deep tissue of your face. The technique stimulates the natural production of collagen.
It gives more elasticity to the skin which reduces wrinkles and makes the skin more firm.

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