Natural Beauty Philosophy

Twenty years ago Inge embarked on a career as a Physiotherapist working with clients to resolve physical disabilities that prevented them from leading healthy (and happy) lives. While many clients physical problems, their outer self, were resolved, she noticed that not always their inner self met with the same success.

She had the idea then to incorporate in her therapeutic exercises other techniques which would make them not only feel better but look better as well.

This led to the development, over a 15 year period, of several natural anti-aging techniques that when combined together, expose both the outer and inner you.

These techniques include: deep tissue massage lymph drainage muscle training for the face, neck and décolleté.

Yoga classes where body, mind , energy and beauty meet. Most importantly, these techniques are 100% natural and safe given her training as a Physiotherapist, fitness instructor and esthetician. As such she has trained over 250 estheticians from Belgium and the Netherlands in these techniques.

Customized Beauty, Body and Balance Program
As a certified physical therapist, Inge has taken her technical training and incorporated it with an anti-aging set of facial exercises as well as massages and yoga classes all of which are conducted in the Palazzo. Like the uncovering of Palazzo Tommasi, you too will sparkle both inside and out after Inge’s sessions!

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